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27 English Manwolsa Temple Beijing Views the Great Art of Dunhuang Jogye 05-08 767
26 English Dalmasa Temple LA Donated Goods to Local Organization Jogye 05-08 764
25 English Goryeosa Temple LA Held its 4th Children’s Meditation Camp Jogye 05-08 750
24 English The Jogye Order’s East American Branch Held its 2023 First Half Year Meeting Jogye 05-08 735
23 English Secondary School Students Division of Bulkwang Zen Center New York Donated Development Funds for the Korean Language School Jogye 05-08 727
22 English B.E. 2567 Overseas temples celebrates the Buddha's Birthday Jogye 07-10 726
21 English Bulkwang Zen Center New York Installs New Abbot and Closes 100-Day Prayer Session Jogye 05-08 712
20 English Bohyeonsa Temple Dallas Immersed in Diligent Practice Jogye 05-08 693
19 English Ven. Hyeongyeon, Abbot of Bultasa Temple Chicago, Spoke to Members of the MAMAS Jogye 05-08 692
18 English B.E. 2567 UN Vesak day celebrations Jogye 07-10 690
17 English The Eastern US Branch of the Overseas Special District Held a Joint Dharma Assembly to celebrate the 2567th Buddha's Birthday Jogye 09-04 600
16 English Washington Bubhwasa Temple spread Buddhist Culture in the Local Area by Hosting a Lotus Festival Jogye 09-04 593
15 English Las Vegas Borisa Temple Ran Special Programs for Elderly Buddhist Women and Children Jogye 09-04 592
14 English LA Banyasa Temple opened a Ganhwaseon Meditation Sesson Jogye 09-04 558
13 English The New York Bulkwang Zen Center Youth Group Volunteers for a Non-Profit Organization Jogye 09-04 529
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