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Las Vegas Borisa Temple(abbot Ven. Hyeongjeon) ran special programs for elderly Buddhist women and children.

The temple hosted a ‘Children’s Buddhist Summer Camp’ from July 27th to 29th for those aged 8 to 11 who attended Korean Language School at Borisa Temple for a year.

At 10 am. on July 27th the camp started with the children chanting prayers and the Heart Sutra in English as an orientation in the Dharma hall. Seeing the sight, the monks broke in to a big smile, watching them flipping through their books with small hands. Over the course of three days, they had hamburgers and tacos for lunch and pizza for dinner and never failed to recite offering verses before eating them. They made a lantern to make a wish and watched a video on Buddha’s life, followed by a discussion.

The kids said they were sad that the camp came to an end too soon and hoped to join again next year.

20230904164511_0f5919fafacaf0cdaae1a378b2d9a65e_dqz9.pngOn August 1st, Elderly Buddhist women arranged a line dance lesson by themselves. The lively music turned the temple into a dance floor, and they had a fun time learning how to step to the rhythm. One of them shared her feelings, saying “It is really fun and joyful to learn Buddha’s teaching and then practice dancing afterwards as work-out with everyone.

Meanwhile, Borisa Temple is also planning Buddhist painting lessons as a Buddhist woman who majored in the subject volunteered to teach. The temple said, “It all began when lay Buddhist women volunteered to teach classes, which by now has generated positive influences. Helping each other is the deed of Boddhisattvas. It is the path leading to realization of Buddha.”

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