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English | Ven. Hyeongyeon, Abbot of Bultasa Temple Chicago, Spoke to Members of the MAMAS

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On Mar. 15, Ven. Hyeongyeon(Bhikkhuni), abbot of Bultasa Temple Chicago, met with several members of the MAMAS over Zoom. He explained that the activities of the MAMAS are based on the spirit of the bodhisattva practice of Mahayana Buddhism, and he conveyed the Buddha’s teachings to them. He further explained that “the spirit of bodhisattva practice is a concept based on the non-duality of religion and society, and because society and religion are not regarded as separate, social problems are also religious problems, and others’ suffering is also my suffering.” He continued, “This organic relationship between society and religion is connected to the ontological perspective of Buddhism, and to the view of emptiness, which is Buddhism’s worldview. When you see the world based on this perspective of emptiness, you cannot see self and others as separate. Therefore, you see the non-duality of self and others, and of society and religion.”

Meanwhile, the MAMAS, based in the Chicago area, was established in 2019 to extend compassionate assistance to neighbors who are in difficult circumstances or wrongfully treated.

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