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English | Buddhist New Year's Gathering Held for the Prosperity of the Nation and People with the President Yoon and over 1,000 Attendees

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On January 30th, the Association of Korean Buddhist Orders (led by Venerable Jinwoo, President of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism) held a "Buddhist New Year's Gathering for the Prosperity of the Nation and People" at the Grand Ballroom of the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel. Present at the event were leaders of 30 affiliated Buddhist orders, including President Yoon Suk-yeol, members of the Buddhist group at the National Assembly, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and government officials, totaling over 1,000 attendees. 

In the first part of the ceremony of the Six Offerings, Venerable Jinwoo and the President Yoon offered lanterns to a large hanging scroll of the Buddha, praying for the peace and happiness of the nation. The leaders of each Buddhist order and the heads of major organizations also made offerings to join in the prayer.

In his speech Ven. Jinwoo said, “The most urgent issue this year in Korean Buddhism is peace of mind.” and added, “Religious communities, in particular Korean Buddhism will join its effort to foster happiness of people with the bright wisdom that has been passed down for thousands of years.” He also emphasized that Korean Seon meditation will be promoted to the world this year to further enrich the content of Korean Wave culture for people around the world, and that it will ultimately be linked to the project of President Yoon’s government to build a daily mind care system for national mental health. He also said, “Korean Buddhim and traditional temples are a treasure trove of unique Korean cultural heritage that is a blend of  cultural, natural and intangible elements.” He promised that he will work to develop them into a sanctuary for peace of mind for the citizens as well as as tourist hot spots for international visitors. 

The Venerable continued, "In these difficult times both domestically and internationally, I earnestly pray that the President and all public officials of the Republic of Korea, who are leading the country, may be accompanied by the compassionate light of the Buddha, and that they may be endowed with unwavering determination and great wisdom without discrimination." He also said, "I join my hands in prayer that all of our citizens may find peace within themselves and always enjoy the joy of four perfections of Nirvana, which are permanence, bliss, purity and self-nature.“ 

The Venerable then expressed his gratitude to President Yoon for his efforts in lifting various regulations on traditional temples and to Mrs. Kim Keon-hee for opening the door to the return of the Sarira from the Boston Museum. 

Ven. Jinwoo also pledged, "This year we will work together to establish a new Office of Religious Heritage Cooperation within the Cultural Heritage Administration, and to create a dedicated Buddhist Heritage Management Office.

President Yoon responded to Ven. Jinwoo's hospitality, acknowledging that the Buddha's teachings have been a guiding light for the nation. He expressed his gratitude for the opening of temples during the World Jamboree and said, "We will establish an Office of Religious Heritage Cooperation within the Cultural Heritage Administration, which will be reorganized in May, to systematically and efficiently protect Buddhist heritage." He also said, "The Traditional Temple Preservation and Support Act, which the Buddhist community has longed for for 40 years, has been passed, so that we can better inherit Buddhist cultural heritage. I will see to it personally.“ The audience cheered with a big round of applaud. 

President Yoon also mentioned the importance of the initiative of the Jogye order to popularize Seon meditation, saying, "The government is also working to make mental health a national agenda. If the Buddhist community joins forces, we will be able to achieve even greater results." He asked, "Please join us with the great empathic compassion of oneness.“

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