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Temple food has been an inseparable part of the Korean Buddhist tradition for 1,700 years. “Temple food” originally referred to the food eaten in Korean Buddhist temples every day. In temples, monks and nuns personally cultivate and prepare food as part of their practice.

The spirit of temple food requires being grateful for the effort and devotion of everyone involved in putting food on the table. One is supposed to eat just enough to sustain their physical health without wasting even a single grain of rice. Therefore, temple food is natural, healthy, and supplements one’s practice.

The Jogye Order does research and investigation to illuminate the tradition and value of temple food. It also provides education and classes to popularize temple food through cultural and promotional events inside and outside Korea. In order to widely propagate the spirit and meaning embodied in temple food, and to give ordinary people the opportunity to learn about temple food directly from monastics, the Order operates the Korean Temple Food Culture Experience Center. The Order also operates Hyangjeok Segye, the official culinary institute for Korean temple food, and Balwoo Gongyang, a temple food specialty restaurant.

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