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Activities for Environmental Preservation and Carbon Neutrality

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Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

The core philosophy of Buddhism is “interdependent arising.” In essence it says that all beings are interdependent. Therefore, Buddhism pursues a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

As communities of Buddhist practice, Korean mountain temples have practiced for thousands of years Buddhist ceremonies (yebul) and the recitation of buddhas’ names (yeombul). As sites of living heritage where practitioners and laity visit and offer prayers, these temples have spawned diverse cultures. This is a result of Korean Buddhism’s spirit of mountain stewardship with which it has strived to preserve the forests around temples and a monastic practice environment in order to maintain pure practice traditions and put the teaching of respect for life into action.
To preserve a monastic practice environment as well as the ecological environment, the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism has raised their voices to oppose development projects of the Korean government, and pursued activities to help achieve carbon neutrality in this era of climate change. The Order also established its own Environmental Committee to preserve and enhance the value of temple forests for the public good, and has conducted diverse related activities as follows.
  • Activities in response to temple forest infringement
  • Activities to preserve the natural environment and establish a system for counteraction
  • Policy research to enhance temples’ value for the public good and to preserve temple forests
  • Research and practice activities to respond to climate change and to achieve carbon neutrality
  • Activities in collaboration with other environmental organizations

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