Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

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Sacred Treasures and Cultural Properties

Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

The Jogye Order takes great trouble to protect and preserve the cultural properties registered on the World Heritage List. These include Bulguksa Temple, Seokguram Grotto, and Haeinsa's Repositories of the Tripitaka Koreana woodblocks named Jangyeong Panjeon; and the seven mountain temples collectively registered as Sansa (Tongdosa, Buseoksa, Bongjeongsa, Beopjusa, Magoksa, Seonamsa, and Daeheungsa).

The Order also preserves a vast number of nationally and locally-designated treasures and cultural properties, which form not only the backbone of Korean culture but also the spirit of Buddha's teachings as expressed by previous generations. In other words, these cultural properties hold significance as religious sacred treasures to which Buddhists pay their respects in daily life. Therefore, they have not only value as cultural heritage but religious significance. In order to protect them, the Jogye Order operates sacred treasure museums at over 40 individual temples too. Today more than half of the national and general treasures designated by the government are Buddhist cultural properties, and temples of the Jogye Order are dedicated to preserving these properties as objects of worship.

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